sing your song-every voice is one of a kind

Singing makes you happy. Chanting is a way of singing together. It is a simple and old method to make music and communicate. The Sufis sing, to connect to their hearts. The intention is to feel inner ease and bond. The power and simplicity of those songs from different cultures allows a special connection to your own, individual voice as an expression of your nature. This connection beyond right or wrong is a very healing experience for people who associate singing with shame. It's about discovering your own voice as a gateway to creativity and joy.

Another possibility to make music together is Circle Singing. This method, with the term provided by Bobby Mcferrin, names a primary form of singing together. With a spontaneous choir music will be created within the moment. Since that is done mostly with imaginary syllables, it is possible to guide a group of singers into a collective song everywhere around the world.