“There is something magical in rhythm; it even makes us believe that we possess the sublime.” (Goethe)

There is no culture without music. TaKeTiNa is a rhythmic consciousness coaching. The body is the instrument. Voice, steps and claps. Beginners and advanced participants make music and learn in the same circle together.
Many cultures have age old knowledge about the healing power of music and rhythm. It alignes body and soul. TaKeTiNa awakes this old knowledge and gives access to your own human and rhythmic potential. Making music in a circle together let's you experience  contact with yourself, as well as your bond to others. It is a way to get back in touch with making music in a community, which is lost to our society nowadays and experience the power of the rhythm. Neuroscientist Dr. Gerald Hüther calls TaKeTiNa ''The art to find yourself in the let-loose.''.

TaKeTiNa - The Art of Finding Yourself by Letting Go
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